Monthly Archives: September 2009

iTunes Web Application Search Results

My iTunes Web Application project shows up on the first page of results for most relevant search. More than 60 people clicked on search results for it on Google in September 2009. I would say this is a good thing. However, I doubt it is what most people are actually looking for. I really do recommend Subsonic or even Sockso over my own project. Unless someone is looking to continue work on my project. I would recommend that, too.

PDF to PNG Conversion on Mac OS X

I had a several page scanned document stored in PDF format that I needed to convert to PNG so I could upload it to a PayPal account to resolve a limited access problem. I found several solutions for Linux that produced inadequate image files. When I switched to my Mac OS X laptop, I opened the PDF in Preview. I selected “Save As…” from the File menu, selected “PNG” from the drop down menu and set the resolution to 300 pixels per inch. I hit the Save button, and the newly created PNG opened up. The quality was adequate, and the problem was solved.